Lebanese commemorative stamps

1 Jul

Following an initiative taken by the ministry of telecommunications, 10 commemorative stamps celebrating Lebanon’s cultural heritage were issued on the 28th of June. The stamps celebrate Lebanese artists who each innovated and had tremendous success in their own field, and participated in the development of the country’s artistic and cultural scene. Also, two stamps were dedicated to the Arabic Postal Comity and to the birth of the alphabet, given that the earliest known Phoenician inscriptions were found in Byblos, Jbeil.
The stamps, designed by Hiba Mikdashi, honor: our great singer Fairuz, sculptors the Basbous brothers, comedian Hassan Alaa Eddine (aka, Chouchou), poet Saïd Akl, singer and performer Sabah, dance troop Caracalla, actor Nabih Abou El-Hossn and actor singer/songwriter Phd Wadih El Safi. I really like the treatment of the photographs on the stamps as well as the color variations, and I feel that anything honoring these great artists should always be highly appreciated.

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