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Du monde tout autour – Louise Attaque

15 Sep

French band Louise Attaque’s newest song Du monde tout autour (literally translates to people all around) is a really good song  and the video directed by Louis Clichy is just beautiful! Completed in 22 days, the animation has some extremely smooth transitions, and the rough and sketchy illustration style is amazing. It fits perfectly the feel and rhythm of the song, and works very well with the image of Louise Attaque and their musical style. Clichy is currently working on a potential 3D feature of the comic book Astérix with Alexandre Astier, hopefully the end result will be as successful as the video below.


Yours Truly captures Seapony playing “with you”

16 Aug

Nice video by creative collective Yours Truly of Seapony performing the song “with you”. I never heard the band perform anything live, so it’s nice to see how their songs translate in the same sweet way and i agree that “it’s amazing how effortless the band plays”. I love the simplicity in the setting, the beautiful lighting in the empty room, the overall pure and light aspect of the video which make for a lovely performance.

(via We All Want Someone)

Videos to watch: The Body by The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart and Umbro blackout

26 Jul

I came across two beautiful videos on vimeo. The first one is the music video of The Body by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, taken from their album “Belong” which, incidentally, is a good album full of nice tunes. The video, directed by Philip Van, shows the band members recollecting memories of their childhood through their bodies, their senses, their movements… A very touching and sweet video with amazing editing and fascinating direction of photography. Lovely visualization of the mood and feel of the song!

The second one is an animation that follows footballer Carlos Alberto Torres on his trip to New York on July 13th 1977, which coincided with a complete black-out and subsequent riots. Directed by Buck, the video is exclusively in black and white and uses transitions creatively. Perspectives are constantly switching in a very smooth way, giving a lot of depth to the animation and the illustrations. It successfully tells the story while maintaining a very nice graphic style.

I didn’t see it coming – Belle & Sebastian

14 Jul

Cute and mesmerizing video for an equally cute song by Belle & Sebastian. The shapes and the colors in the animation are so beautifully intricate you can’t take your eyes off the screen, you don’t want to miss one detail. I’s animated by the talented Lesley Barnes, you can check out more of his work here.

(via Swiss Miss)

Videos to watch: Broken Social Scene and The International Exchange

10 Jul

Two cool videos particularly caught my eye from Creative Review’s round up of nice work. First is the video for Sweetest Kill by Broken Social Scene. I really liked the song itself, it has a nice sound and feel as well as good lyrics paired with a lovely melody. As for the video, it’s quite spectacular: it’s shot in a sweet way with very beautiful lighting, and I love the way the actress (Bijou Philips) is shot. But it somehow works up to a gory murder that still manages to look bittersweet by the end of the video. Directed by Claire Edmondson, an ex-stylist who also made videos for Astra and Diamond Rings, it was partly “funded by MuchFact, a production fund provided by Canadian music television stations MuchMusic and MuchMore, though both stations ended up banning it due to its content”. Edmondson apparently said that she is not surprised by the ban, even though the murder is a metaphor and she didn’t intend for the video to be controversial. Either way, it’s worth watching.

The second video is actually an animated ad that took 8 months of work and was launched in the Young Lions programme at the Cannes Festival. It is directed by Joseph Mann at BlinkInk, and it promotes TIE The International Exchange, a training programme that puts communications professionals from developed countries in short-term work placements with NGOs in developing countries. The animation is obviously really well-done, and I was absolutely taken by all the little details in the offices. Very cute spot!

Abducted – Cults

2 Jun

Cuts are a two-piece band, incidentally they’re very good and they grew on me fast. This is their new single from their debut album, the song is catchy and beautiful. And the video is quite good too, intriguing with stunning imagery. It’s directed by David Altobelli, who has also done videos for artists like Sia and The Belle Brigade. Check it out

Future starts slow – The Kills

10 May

The first track from their new album Blood Pressures, I think this song is just amazingly dark and seductive, and this live session is almost as good as the studio version.