A Brief History of the Title Sequence

9 Sep

Jurjen Versteeg is responsible for this nicely executed graduation film. The idea is bright because of its simplicity: it’s designed as a title sequence for an imagined potential documentary on the history of title sequences. It goes over the main heroes who revolutionized title sequences, referencing their signature styles or innovations in the field of movie titles:

“The names of the title designers all refer to specific characteristics of the revolutionary titles that they designed.
This film refers to elements such as the cut and shifted characters of Saul Bass’ Psycho title, the colored circles of Maurice Binder’s design for Dr. No and the contemporary designs of Kyle Cooper and Danny Yount.
This title sequence refers to the following designers and their titles:
Georges Méliès – Un Voyage Dans La Lune, Saul Bass – Psycho, Maurice Binder – Dr. No, Stephen Frankfurt – To Kill A Mockingbird, Pablo Ferro – Dr. Strangelove, Richard Greenberg – Alien, Kyle Cooper – Seven, Danny Yount – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Sherlock Holmes”

(via Dangerous Minds)


Ricardo Cavolo’s illustrated interview

7 Sep

Amazingly talented illustrator Ricardo Cavolo has shared a drawn interview on his site. Using just two colors, he illustrated his love for Mexico, his favorite quote, his passion for illustration (without it, he’d be a cadaver), and how he thinks that art makes the world prettier. All beautifully done!
Make sure to check his site for more of his interesting art, he’s got a distinctive style filled with symbolism and that’s very colorful and rich in details.

Amazing beer packaging

5 Sep

Notcot took a stroll in the beer aisle in Whole Foods and posted a collection of beautiful beer packaging that stood out. These labels are truly a delight to the eyes! They display a vast array of illustration styles and different approaches to the branding of beer. We see that the neutral, more subdued pastel-ish colors are predominant but at the same time, there are some fun pops of color. Quite interesting to go through those fascinating designs.

(via Notcot)

Great ad: Duck Tron

3 Sep

Amazing commercial based on Tron, this brilliant animation was produced by Ryactive for DuckBrand. A great and very creative idea that manages to put a product like duct tape in a whole new light. Really funny too!

Andrew Kolb’s swap cards for SuperIam8bit and David Bowie children’s book

31 Aug

Andrew Kolb is an illustrator with a very distinctive playful style and an extremely beautiful treatment of color. I just came across his contribution to the show SuperIam8bit (I already blogged about Aled Lewis’s pieces for that show ). He drew inspiration from classic video games to create an installation of a set of swap cards. It’s a very nice and creative concept that offers the visitors of the show the amount of interactivity and fun expected.

Among his other surprising and whimsical projects, Kolb decided to create a children’s book out of the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.

“Have you ever listened to a song and your mind’s eye is immediately filled with visuals?
David Bowie’s classic space epic is one such song for me. Every lyric paints such a vivid picture that I figured “Oh hey, I guess I’ll make that into a children’s book!” Yes, I talk like this.”

He illustrated the lyrics of the song in a very sweet way that ultimately is opposed to the way the song plays out in the end. I like the song (and naturally, Bowie himself) so I found his visualization quite appealing, nicely executed and a bit bittersweet. I think I want to see more good songs turned into books!
There is no physical copy of the book, but it’s available for free download on Kolb’s site so make sure you head on here to get it.

UPDATE: The download link for the book is now removed from the artist’s site, and it is referred to as a “picture book set in space”. Copyrights have no sense of humor or appreciation for good illustration. I’m just glad I was able to download it before.

MWM’s free form flow

31 Aug

Artist MWM shared on his blog the wall he painted during a graffiti jam in Moscow. Reone, his moniker, is tagged in a free style manner with cursive letters as opposed to his more intricate geometric designs. I have to say I have a personal preference for his impressive colorful patterns, but the way this mural is executed is absolutely beautiful. I love the organic way in which the letters come together merging with the dots and colors, and how he used the windows to set the rhythm of the word instead of it having a dividing and splitting effect.

Conrad Roset fan tattoos

30 Aug

Some fans of the illustrator Conrad Roset have tattooed his muses on them. I absolutely love his work especially his muses, I find the lines and colors to be just exquisite. And they work really well as tattoos, while keeping that distinct expressive quality to them.

(via Conrad Roset’s blog)