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Du monde tout autour – Louise Attaque

15 Sep

French band Louise Attaque’s newest song Du monde tout autour (literally translates to people all around) is a really good song  and the video directed by Louis Clichy is just beautiful! Completed in 22 days, the animation has some extremely smooth transitions, and the rough and sketchy illustration style is amazing. It fits perfectly the feel and rhythm of the song, and works very well with the image of Louise Attaque and their musical style. Clichy is currently working on a potential 3D feature of the comic book Astérix with Alexandre Astier, hopefully the end result will be as successful as the video below.


Video to watch: Sheeped Away

12 Sep

This short animation tells the story of a man trying to save his sheep from being abducted by a UFO. It is done by Junaid Chundrigar and showcases a very sweet illustration style and some amazing color work. Chundrigar explains the main goal of that cartoon:

“The whole point of making “Sheeped Away” was to make a tribute of sorts, to the old American cartoons I grew up with. They were not necessarily made for children but neither were they unwatchable for them. I wanted to make something just like that; something for both adults and kids. And adult kids like me. “

I think he succeeded, the animation is beautiful and really nice to watch. Check it out

Great ad: Duck Tron

3 Sep

Amazing commercial based on Tron, this brilliant animation was produced by Ryactive for DuckBrand. A great and very creative idea that manages to put a product like duct tape in a whole new light. Really funny too!

Some of the 2011 Annecy winners

23 Aug

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival for animation has announced its list of winners this year. The Cristal for Best Feature was awarded to “Le Chat du Rabbin” (The Rabbi’s Cat), a movie featuring a loud-mouthed cat who’s not afraid to speak its mind. The film, directed by Antoine Delesvaux and Joann Sfar, is set in Algeria, and so the colors are very warm and vivid, and the graphics reflect that part of the earth in a beautiful way. The trailer got me waiting for its international release.

In the short movies section, The Annecy Cristal, went to “Pixels”, by Patrick Jean. A playful and captivating animation where New York gets invaded by pixels and arcade elements. The city becomes a playground shared by numerous references of classic video games. The ending is spectacular and the credits are really nice!

In the TV & commissioned film section, “Comment Nourrir Tout Le Monde?” (How to Feed The Whole World?) took the Educational, Scientific or Industrial Film Award. The movie directed by Denis van Waerebeke explains beautifully the injustice of the world’s repartition of food and world famine. It goes over everything that’s at stake when it comes to nutrition, food production, food consumption and putting an end to famine and malnutrition in the world. Amazing video but sadly, I couldn’t find a subtitled version so the video will be fully appreciated by the french speaking audience.

The full list of Annecy Award winners is here, I’m sure it features many more gems but I still didn’t find time to check them all. However, among the other interesting videos that I saw, I would recommend checking out the trailer for “Colorful” by Kelichi Hara, “Big Bang Big Boom” by Blu and “Trois Petits Points” by students from Gobelins (Lucrèce Andrae, Alice Dieudonné, Tracy Nowocien, Florian Parrot, Ornélie Prioul, Rémy Schaepman)

The tale of Mr. Rêvus by Marius Herzog (Scriblab)

18 Aug

This short animation will tell you the lovely story of Mr. Rêvus, using stunning effects and breathtaking graphics. Captivating dark visuals create the fantastical dreamy world in which the character evolves. This beautiful movie (with equally beautiful credits at the end) was made by Marius Herzog as his graduation film. He took care of almost everything except the score and music, so you can imagine how much work was put into this, and it has not gone to waste.

“The challenge of this movie was to reproduce the entire production process of an animated 3D shortfilm by myself including story development, concept design, modelling, rigging, directing, editing, animating, rendering and finally compositing (see credits).
The amazing score orchestrated by Simon Scharf student at the Hochschule für Musik Nuremberg (HfM) has been conducted by Guido Johannes Rumstadt, played by the orchestra of the HfM and recorded by Toni Hinterholzinger.”

Screwed up: an animated story of love and loss

15 Aug

“Screwed Up is a lovestory and a story of not knowing a good thing until its gone.
After a short honeymoon period monotony and arguments settle in. One deserts the other, but regrets that very decision soon after and embarks on a search for the missing other half.”

This sweet stop-motion is directed by Kris Hofmann and set to lovely music by Alexander Zlamal. What I particularly enjoyed while watching this was the timing of the animation and how synchronized the motion of the bolts was with the music. Creative video that’s nicely done, and the lighting in the last scene is just beautiful.

Videos to watch: The Body by The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart and Umbro blackout

26 Jul

I came across two beautiful videos on vimeo. The first one is the music video of The Body by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, taken from their album “Belong” which, incidentally, is a good album full of nice tunes. The video, directed by Philip Van, shows the band members recollecting memories of their childhood through their bodies, their senses, their movements… A very touching and sweet video with amazing editing and fascinating direction of photography. Lovely visualization of the mood and feel of the song!

The second one is an animation that follows footballer Carlos Alberto Torres on his trip to New York on July 13th 1977, which coincided with a complete black-out and subsequent riots. Directed by Buck, the video is exclusively in black and white and uses transitions creatively. Perspectives are constantly switching in a very smooth way, giving a lot of depth to the animation and the illustrations. It successfully tells the story while maintaining a very nice graphic style.